Introducing: The Vollrath SerVue™


At Atlantic Culinary Environments, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to better serve you, so you can better serve your customers. This is why we partner with some of the top innovators in the commercial dining industry, including Vollrath. We want to introduce you to a new product, designed with quality, freshness, and efficiency in mind: the SerVue™ touchless refrigerated slide-in.

This first-in-its-class refrigeration unit brings automated and interactive service, helping facilities like yours to control freshness, portions, and accessibility to your salad bar’s freshest ingredients.

Equipped with built-in sensors to detect the presence of a dish and dispenses ingredients, the SerVue™ serves ingredients automatically, straight from the fridge. No need to rush back and forth restocking ingredients that have aged from sitting under a lamp, or have been compromised by contamination. It’s also touchless, helping to keep germs at bay and keep your stations clean.

The Atlantic team can easily integrate self-serving technology like the SerVue™ into your next project. For any questions or to learn more about innovative culinary solutions, contact our team today!”