Client/Location:  Deutsche Bank – New York, NY

  Project Gallery

Project Overview This was a complex project from the start as we had a large area, over 5,000 square feet, to renovate in a very short and fixed amount of time. The renovation started with the re-finishing of existing wood-faced counters and columns in an existing employee serving area, with the client requesting a custom stain finish on the solid wood surfaces. Moreover, we were tasked with modifications of numerous counters for 13 different serving platforms and, in some areas, entirely new counters. All counters, including the POS Station, received new quartz countertops.

Unique Challenges/Solutions:  This was unique location in which to work. Due to space restrictions, we needed to use a smaller delivery vehicle to access their specialized “turntable-style” loading facilities. Since the serving area needed to remain open during the week to service the guests in the building, AtlanticCE worked three consecutive weekends to complete the project. All new pieces, especially the quartz countertops, were limited by the size of the elevators.

Additionally, once the renovation was started, the client asked if we would also be able to create two new Trader’s Pantries (barista stations with food offerings ) on other floors of the building. Although this was not a part of the original project specifications, we were able to accommodate the client’s wishes.