Client/Location:  Westminster Canterbury – Lynchburg, VA

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Project Overview:  Atlantic assisted in a robust design and implementation project to bring the 4,500-square foot resident/guest dining experience at Westminster Canterbury into the future. The renovation included multiple serving station options such as dynamic areas that put the food assembly and preparation on display. Each area includes an equipment set that allows the employees to be self-sufficient in all aspects of the service experience and increases efficiency in meal setup. The renovation also included adding a small, fully-functional ala carte kitchen to a more remote dining space.

Unique Challenges/Solutions:  The goal was to provide Westminster Canterbury with a facility capable of providing a vast menu in a relatively small serving and dining space. With a high-volume of guests at lunch and dinner times, increasing efficiency was paramount. The small footprint of the project offered some challenging logistics such as the delivery and installation of a Hearth-Baked Pizza Oven along with its exhaust hoods and venting material. With an ever-changing timeline, we were faced with, and overcame, radical schedule adjustments to complete a beautifully renovated dining facility.